Born June 8th, 1995 in the harsh woodlands of Vietnam and raised by a kind family of wolves, young Dinh would never have expected that he, the Doctor's companion, was destined to grow into the greatest Time Lord / Singer / Songwriter that the world would ever know! His ventures brought him to the US-of-A on the back of a magically enchanted dragon, where he now seeks to spread his "love-sounds" to the farthest reaches of the universe, while simultaneously defeating the forces of evil at the head of a young pop-punk band, Save It For Saturday!



Artists like Ramon Bruin, Alessandro Diddi and Fredo, have achieved a true mastery of perspective and 3D space . They represent a highly technical form of art . The tools they use are simple – just pencil and paper. With a whole lot of practice and dedication..


this cat is very beautiful and contemplative. owner wants to play with cat but cat is thinking about bigger things. cat thinks about life.

(Source: faunasworld)